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Custom offerings
Managed RFPs
Tired of the time and expense involved in managing your telecom RFPs? Let Adigo Telecom Group manage that process for you. We understand that it's costly to keep telecom resources on staff; that's why we're here. With a Managed RFP, we act as your telecom consultant. We meet with you to review your needs and desires in depth, prepare a custom detailed RFP, present them to top-notch suppliers, closely review the responses to that RFP and make recommendations based on those responses.

Bill auditing
Are you aware of where your telecom dollars are going? Why not consider a bill audit? Your company probably doesn't have the time or resources to perform a full scale bill audit, but it really is the best way to assure that you have the correct services at the right prices. A proper bill audit allows Adigo Telecom Group to take a look at all of your invoices: local, long distance, internet, wireless, etc. We review them in depth and then analyze them page by page for potential savings. Then we present our findings to you so you can make decisions based on real data and not just guesstimates.

  Long term solutions
Telecom expense management
If you're concerned about the high cost of your telecom bill or are unsure of where your telecom dollars are going, we're here to help. A simple bill audit may not present a complete picture with accurate enough information to reveal all areas of potential savings; that's where telecom expense management comes into play.

Adigo Telecom Group will review your bill(s) on a regular basis to look for areas of opportunity. We'll check to see where your traffic is trending, review your spending and consider new products and methodologies that might be beneficial to your business. After we've completed our spend analysis, we will make recommendations about where and how you can save money. In this way, you can be assured that you've made the right telecom investment.

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  Personalized response
Adigo Telecom Group offers personalized solutions that address your telecom concerns. Nothing is too out of the ordinary for us to review. Do you need telecom expertise but don't want to hire for or manage it? Are you unsure that you're being billed properly? Look no further than Adigo Telecom Group. We're your one-stop shop for telecom knowledge, advice and answers.

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