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If you are concerned about security, consider this: Adigo's proprietary security features provide significant privacy and authentication features. Depending on the security desired, users can ratchet their protection level up or down. In particular, Adigo’s web-based call management tool (AdigoMC) allows hosts to view participants' caller IDs, assign individual and unique security passcodes as well as conduct rollcalls.

If account management is your bugaboo, you should know that Adigo offers a web-based control panel just for you: AdigoAdmin. Call us at (888) 552-3446 to learn how AdigoAdmin can simplify your conferencing tasks.

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  ATG conferencing expertise
Global, secure and simple. Developed with next generation customer preferences in mind, Adigo sets a new standard for reservationless conferencing solutions that are advanced yet affordable. If you value the highest level of privacy and efficiency and do business internationally, then Adigo is your conferencing solution.

Our web-based conference control panel, AdigoMC streamlines conference calling and account management, providing moderators with the ability to manage call tasks and regulate security features.

We offer more enhanced protection than anyone else with up to 6 levels of security, from lockdown privacy to call screening. Hosts can proactively manage the security level of their conferences.

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Adigo teleconferencing is our premiere, secure, easy to manage, operate and use service. It runs on Adigo Ambassador, the clearest most reliable conferencing platform designed to date. Conferencing has been a driving force of our business since 1999.
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Web conferencing
Web conferencing opens up an entire world of visuals that can greatly enhance your business. We offer Adigo Web, Microsoft Live Meeting and WebEx solutions.
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Event management
Adigo online events combine teleconferencing and web conferencing with event management. There are two kinds of managed events: Adigo-managed events and Self-managed events.
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