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  Voice and data services delivered over a T1      

Your cost and scalability concerns
Do you want dedicated internet access and voice T1 functionality without the expense of two T1s? Why not consider integrated access? Many of our carriers now offer voice and data services delivered over a single T1.

Integrated access is a great choice for small to medium sized companies looking to maximize their telecom dollar.

  Our integrated service knowledge
Adigo Telecom Group has helped many clients who have expressed a desire for dedicated internet access combined with voice T1 capabilities. We've worked with our customers to deliver solutions that are transparent to the end-user, but deliver substantial cost reduction to their accounting departments. A true win-win for all concerned.

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  The right choice for your needs
Whether you need a preset number of lines and data speeds or are interested in a dynamic VOIP solution with burstable bandwidth, integrated access might be the best choice for your business.

Let Adigo Telecom Group explore all of the telecom options for you so you can choose the best, most cost-effective solution for your company. Click the link below to get started on the path to telecom clarity today.

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