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    Adigo Telecom Group seeks to provice the best service possible in all areas of our business. Whether you are opening a conferencing account or upgrading your entire tech infrastructure, we are committed to providing excellent service by phone, email and in person.

If you have an urgent matter requiring immediate attention
Please call (888) 552-3446 if you:
  • have an issue that requires immediate attention
  • are on a teleconference or web conference and experience a technical issue

  • If you want more information about Adigo Telecom Group
    Complete our consultation request form if you:
  • would like to be contacted by an Adigo Telecom Group representative
  • would like to become an agent of Adigo Telecom Group

  • If you want to make an operator-assist call
    Complete our operator assist request form 72 hours prior to your call if you:
  • would like to schedule an operator-assist call

  • If you want a Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 user guide
    Get a Live Meeting 2007 user guide if you:
  • use Microsoft Live Meeting and need an introductory guide
  • need a refresher on how to use Live Meeting
  • would like more information about the new features of Live Meeting 2007

  • If you want to open a conferencing account
    Complete our conferencing sign-up form if you:
  • would like to open an Adigo teleconferencing account
  • would like to open an Adigo web conferencing account
  • would like to discuss event management possibilities

  • If you want to add a subscriber to your conferencing account
    Complete our new subscriber sign-up form if you:
  • would like to add a new subscriber (host) to your account

  • If you have a technical issue regarding your account
    Complete our technical support request form if you:
  • have a voice service issue
  • have a data service issue
  • have an integrated services issue
  • would like additional AdigoMC training
  • would like additional AdigoAdmin training
  • would like additional web conferencing training
  • would like to change your account contact (please provide previous contact)
  • would like to have another Adigo teleconferencing card sent to you
  • need to add/remove subscribers

  • If you have a billing issue
    Please email billing@adigo.com if you:
  • have any questions about your conferencing bill
  • would like to change your conference billing contact information

  •   I want to be contacted about Adigo Telecom Group
    I want to make an op-assist call reservationI want a Live Meeting user guide
    I want to open a conference account
    I want to add a subscriberI want to request technical support

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